ProMed Network History

The Seiler Family

ProMed is the brain child of the Seiler family based in Switzerland and Germany. The Seilers are a family of eminently successful Medical Practitioners and Technologists.

They do not only support ProMed through the Seiler family fund - Seiler Holding AG, but also projects like hospitals in Africa – not only with funds, but also by spending time treating patients there.

Seiler Holding was founded by Prof. Dr. Dr. Theo Seiler and Dr. Heidelore Seiler. It is dedicated to innovation and distribution of medical knowhow, with the objective to enable doctors globally, to enhance the quality of their work and as a result help more patients to get access to better healthcare.

A lot of knowhow has been generated, especially by the work of Dr. Theo Seiler, a physicist as well as a doctor, whose life has been dedicated to medical research and teaching. He has been a pioneer in Laser based surgery of the eye, performing the first photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) in 1982 and helping it to develop on global scale with LASIK, LASEK and other treatments related to PRK.

In the last couple of years he invented corneal crosslinking (CXL), which is the first cure to the Keratoconus desease which until the discoveries of Dr. Theo Seiler inevitably ended in blindness or in corneal transplant surgery. In keeping with his beliefs Dr. Theo Seiler decided not to file patents for this treatment. Patents would have meant that many poor people would not have been able to afford that treatment and would have gone blind. The Seiler Family decided to publish the invention and forego the possibilities of patents and profits.

In the next generation of the family, Theo Seiler jr. and Stefan Seiler continue that tradition.

Theo Seiler jr. is continuing the work of his fathers` as a practitioner and researcher in ophthalmology. He is currently researching on new crosslinking-related methods and procedures.

Stefan Seiler, who finished studies of Information technology and Medicine, decided to use his expertise to contribute to the family’s mission. He uses his IT skills in combination with his medical experience towards the integration of technology and medicine. In this way he strives to contribute and enhance the quality in the practice of medicine globally.

Stefan Seiler believes that this will greatly help to provide access to quality medicine to more patients on a global scale. Out of this the idea, ProMed Networks was born.