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ProMed Network

We are your trusted and innovative 360°
Service-Provider for Healthcare-Integration.

Our Vision

ProMed Network wants to set standards in functionality and handling for healthcare IT-Solutions. More and more our
services will trigger interdisciplinary and intersectorial communication and seamless information exchange especially
with pharmacies and clinics. ProMed Network will be your stable partner on your path into the IT-future, which enables
you to participate in a lively exchange of medical knowledge. Ultimately, we offer you secure, integrated and seamless
solutions out of one hand.

ProMed Network is an internationally operating company.
We create technical solutions tailored to the local healthcare requirements.

As each country has it’s own specifics, we are developing and launching our products depending on it’s regional
demands. Aiming to offer 360° Services for Healthcare Integration for each country.

Be updated on new healthcare solutions and be informed about our new products and functionalities.

Your Advantage

ProMed Network News

IROC AG chooses Plannico for staff planning in its Speciality Hospital

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ProMed Networks AG launches in India

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ProMed Network Products

Cutting edge technology and intuitive handling meets secure data storage. Manage your Practice Routines in one web based application. Increase efficiency and effectiveness by digital networking of all work processes.

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PMM is your secure, integrated, seamless Practice Management Mobile solution. Reduced complexity. Simple and intuitive handling - designed by doctors for doctors. Your practice routines in one mobile application. PMM is fully inte-grated with your practice management system.

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ProMed is our community network for medical experts. It is your platform to exchange your knowledge, share your experience and create new standards. Benefit from sharing!

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ApoOnDemand is our Pharmacy Management Tool to organize and manage the drug supply chain and embedded billing software. Our integration module between pharmacy, doctor and patient.

Read more is our Patient Community service. Find your local doctors and specialists, make your appointments online and save your patient data in a secure data locker. Our integration platform between patient, doctors and pharmacies.

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Practice Management

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Pharmacy Management Network

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MyHealth Network

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Behind ProMed Network stands a interdisciplinary team of
doctors, IT specialists and health care experts. Our team
experiences the needs and demands of the medical system,
first hand and on a daily basis. We see ourselves as innovative
solutions providers; driven to integrate the newest
technical/technological innovations and trends with our
diverse experiences as doctors.

We see and judge every development of our products from
our users’ perspective and make their individual need for
efficiency and clarity the center of our considerations.

Behind Promed Network

ProMed Network is currently funded by the Seiler Family. It is committed to serving the medical fraternity.

In order to ensure ProMed’s sustainability over time on a global scale we are currently exploring the possibility to
generate value by building partnerships with organizations that share similar goals or are willing to give some of the
value back which they can generate from the usage of ProMed.

Since ProMed Network Team started to work on their products it leverages cutting edge Medical know-how and IT skills
to create solutions that aim to rise above limitations. ProMed Network will continue to seek and solve problems in
Healthcare Delivery through technology.


It’s a pleasure for us to help you with all your questions and
requests concerning our products. Please don’t hesitate to
contact us via mail or phone.